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MJ (Malik Javed) Dairy Farms provides daily fresh and natural dairy products.

Here at MJ Dairy Farms you will find a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy Milk

that is proudly produced at our farms by our farmers and cows daily. 

Head Office 

MJ Dairy Farms Satellite Town Opposite Gulshan Bashir Colony Gate Near ChahTalabwala School, Bosan road bypass, Multan, Pakistan.

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Welcome you to MJ Dairy Farms!

In Pakistan the dairy and livestock sector comprises of more than 52% of the agricultural value-added, significantly over 11% of the national GDP, and interestingly 8.5% of the total exports. Over 10 million families are directly involved in dairy farming business. and growing and MJ Dairy Farms is just playing a little of its role in Southern Punjab region of Pakistan.

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(Malik Javed) MJ Dairy Farms was established in 2001. We basically deal in sale of fresh Cow milk and also in sale and purchase of Milking animals and provides best breed to our customers. Over the last two decades the dairy sector of Pakistan has achieved the status of an industry due to several steps taken by the government in livestock sector and MJ dairy farms owners taking the benefits of government initiatives established a name for themselves in the capital city Multan of South Punjab region of Pakistan. MJ dairy farms is based on most modern lines touching the international standards. Our Staff works hard every day to bring you fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products. As we know in Pakistan most of the dairies businesses are family-owned MJ Dairy Farms is also from the farming business family and owned by the Malik Salam who runs this business after his Grand Father and took this to the new levels by introducing modern techniques and achieving huge success in this evolving Industry.


MJ Dairy Farms offers Fresh Pure Cow Milk for sale Our milk is unpasteurized,unhomogenized, and has a full, sweet cream top. It is excellent for drinking and making cheeses and butter. Most cows are Frisian Producing thousands of liters’ milk per day (Farm is located at Satellite Town Multan).

Our Vision

“We aspire to become most reliable Dairy products provider to our customers”

Our Mission

To be a competent and capably managed farm. To grow and lead the industry through team effort by establishing and attaining milestones, that provides us a superior herd production and a secure business well being for the organization and its workers.


MJ Dairy Farms Satellite Town Opposite Gulshan Bashir Colony Gate Near Chah Talabwala School, Bosan road bypass, Multan, Pakistan. 

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Branch Farms 


MJ Dairy Farms Ward no 14-C GT Road, Kotaddu, Punjab, Pakistan


MJ Dairy Farms Pind Maraka Near Govt boys school Maraka, Multan road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 


MJ Dairy Farms Pind Gondlawala Near Village, Gujranwala, Punjab Pakistan