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Dairy Crops 

We Produce dairy corps for our herds at our own farms which comprises of less use of Pesticides and tries at most to be produced organically but still some land requires attention and we use some chemicals to maximize its nutrition’s for

healthy crops. We produce Alfa Alfa, Vanda, Sourghum, Maize, Corn, Wheat, Corn silage.



Live Stock

We have herds of Australian Friesian, Holsten Friesian, Ravi Neeli, Sahiwal mix breed, Non descriptive cows (Mixed Breed), Goats, Local buffalo’s. We have approximately all breeds of cows and cattle’s up bring by our trained staff for sale purpose too.  





Livestock for EidUlAzha

We also raise animals for the EID-UL-ADHA festival and it is our commitment to provide best and healthy sacrifice (Qurbani) animals and we have almost all price ranged animals for the sake of sacrifice. 



We provide Herd Vaccinations facilities of all kind of breeds and animals to small and medium

size farm operators as well our trained vaccinator is appointed to provide this facility to facilitate the regionwith less facilities



We produce daily pure fresh and natural Cow Milk we also provide Buffaloes Milk but for custom customers. 






Laboratory and Field Testing

We also provide the testing facility of Raw Milk, Standard Plate Count, Lab Pasteurized

Count, Coliform Count, Preliminary Incubation Count (PICount), Somatic Cell

Count test, Psychrotrophic Bacteria Count, 


Soil Testing

We have specialized staff with us to provide the on farm facility of Soil Compaction

Test, Surface crust, Depth of Rooting Zone Test, Bulk Density Test, Soil

Porosity and Permeability and Soil Erosion test


MJ Dairy Farms offers Fresh Pure Cow Milk for sale Our milk is unpasteurized,unhomogenized, and has a full, sweet cream top. It is excellent for drinking and making cheeses and butter. Most cows are Frisian Producing thousands of liters’ milk per day (Farm is located at Satellite Town Multan).

Our Vision

“We aspire to become most reliable Dairy products provider to our customers”

Our Mission

To be a competent and capably managed farm. To grow and lead the industry through team effort by establishing and attaining milestones, that provides us a superior herd production and a secure business well being for the organization and its workers.


MJ Dairy Farms Satellite Town Opposite Gulshan Bashir Colony Gate Near Chah Talabwala School, Bosan road bypass, Multan, Pakistan. 

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Branch Farms 


MJ Dairy Farms Ward no 14-C GT Road, Kotaddu, Punjab, Pakistan


MJ Dairy Farms Pind Maraka Near Govt boys school Maraka, Multan road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 


MJ Dairy Farms Pind Gondlawala Near Village, Gujranwala, Punjab Pakistan