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(Malik Javed) MJ Dairy Farms was established in 2001. We basically deal in sale of fresh Cow milk and also in sale and purchase of Milking animals and provides best breed to our customers. Over the last two decades the dairy sector of Pakistan has achieved the status of an industry due to several steps taken by the government in livestock sector and MJ dairy farms owners taking the benefits of government initiatives established a name for themselves in the capital city Multan of South Punjab region of Pakistan. MJ dairy farms is based on most modern lines touching the international standards. Our Staff works hard every day to bring you fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products. As we know in Pakistan most of the dairies businesses are family-owned MJ Dairy Farms is also from the farming business family and owned by the Malik Salam who runs this business after his Grand Father and took this to the new levels by introducing modern techniques and achieving huge success in this evolving Industry.



MJ Dairy Farms offers Fresh Pure Cow Milk for sale Our milk is unpasteurized, unhomogenized, and has a full, sweet cream top. It is excellent for drinking and making cheeses and butter. Most cows are Frisian Producing thousands of liters’ milkper day (Farm is located at Satellite Town Multan) 


Our Vision

We aspire to become most reliable Dairy products provider to our customers 


Our Mission

To be acompetent and capably managed farm. To grow and lead the industry through team effort by establishing and attaining milestones, that providesus a superior herd production and a secure business well being for the organization and its workers. 


Quality & Safety

MJdairies dairy farmer and milk processors are devoted to provide you and your family with healthy

milk and dairy products. This commitment of MJ Dairy Farms starts on the farm with special top-notch animal care and spreads across the supply chain process.

Organic milk

Our herd of Australian cow’s is devotedly cared for. We grow our own organic fodder and do not inject the animals with any of the harmful chemicals. Computerized systems

prevent any manual handling of dairy products.

Scientific Farming

We use most advanced and scientifically approved organic techniques to cultivate our own

fodder for the cow’s. Our farm produces its own energy through solar and biogas (Using cow dung).

Sustainable agriculture

We avoid pesticides, antibiotics and chemical fertilizers. Farmland is mostly fertilized by cow manure. This provides our produce significant edge in market of using non fertilizer corps and become our competitive edge in recent days for Organic